Sharefaith Website Migrations

Sharefaith is committed to making your website migration a smooth and exciting transition to Sharefaith websites. We’ll transfer your content, website files, imagery, domain and more at no hassle to you. Here are a few limits and expectations of your migration:

Proprietary & Third Party  

Features or services that are proprietary or third party integrations of your current service provider are not guaranteed to be transferred. These features are likely available on Sharefaith Websites, but direct migration of content is not always possible. Such items may include but are not limited to: member directories, emails, calendar content, event registration, plugins and APIs, and donation plugins. Customer support is available to help with these transfers.

Website Content Limitations

Due to the variability on the size of a website, here are a few limitations of the content migration service that we offer.

Content Type

Amount Allowed

Number of Websites

One — Your main website only

Website Pages

Up to 30 website pages and their content

*Audio Sermons

Up to 100 MP3 audio sermons

Video Sermons

Up to 50 video sermons embedded (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

eCommerce & Shopping Carts

Not permitted to be transferred

Content Languages

English only


Up to 5 forms, styled to match your chosen website template

*Individual files cannot exceed 50MB in size.

Domain Registration

We will not be able to complete your migration without access to your domain registrar. If you do not have the information that is needed to login to your domain registration records through your registrar, contact your current website administrator or hosting company to get it before continuing.

Backup Files

It is strongly recommended and the responsibility of the customer to keep up-to-date archives of their backed up data from their previous website. Sharefaith does not provide or keep records or copies of our clients’ website files for customer use and is not responsible for any loss of data during the migration, including but not limited to hardware failure, backup failure, hacking or accidental deletion.


Accounts that have taken advantage of Sharefaith's website migration services must maintain their current membership plan for 12 months before being eligible for downgrade.